alina jacobs

The Holbrook Cousins Saga

Like good guy billionaires with plenty of action and a hint of snark? Get hooked on the Holbrooks!

Holiday Romance

Funny with lots of steam, these holiday romances will put you in the Christmas spirit!

The Svensson Brothers

Laugh out loud with these hilarious romantic comedies that follow the largest bunch of hot brothers to ever grace your e-reader!

Weddings In The City

These girls love their friends and weddings! They also have had it up to their cake toppers with entitled men in Manhattan!

The Manhattan Svensson Brothers

Fall in love with the big city Svnessons!

Smart Girls Love Aliens

Out of this world romantic comedies!


Audiobook versions are available on a wide variety of retailers and libraries! These fun romantic comedies are the perfect way to pass the time!