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Mage Rising

Zsanette of the Wulfila clan has just had her world turned upside down. Her best friend, Misko, was kicked out of the clan, and her mother just told her she’s the Emperor’s daughter. After stealing away in the night, she travels to the capital city to rescue Misko. On the way she is captured to be trained as a Black Tower mage.

Teaming up with friends she meets on the way and a small dragon, Zsanette bounces from one mishap to another as she tries to control her unusual and destructive power of magyk.

As she deals with obnoxious fellow students and races to solve a dangerous mystery, Zsanette finds herself fighting to get past the defenses of the handsome and secretive Garrett Walton, the powerful leader of the mages who fascinates her as much as the enigmatic society of Black Tower mages does.

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war mage rising

War Mage Rising

Zsanette, formerly of the Wulfila and now a newly minted mage of the Black Tower, is in the midst of the Emperor's campaign against the neighboring kingdoms.

If that weren't enough for one young mage, she also has to contend with traitorous soldiers and her nemesis and fellow mage Bronwyn, who is trying to turn the mages against Zsanette. Beyond her personal troubles, there’s a new group of blood mages who are seeking to undermine the Empire.

All this while Zsanette has to navigate a dangerous new magyk and her feelings for a certain handsome cavalry officer. It's almost too much for a young mage to handle!

Along with her friends, a not-so-inconspicuous dragon, and the ever recalcitrant Garret Walton, they have to keep the Empire from collapsing and hopefully save the day once again.

This is the spell-binding sequel to Mage Rising by Alina Jacobs!

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